How Businesses Manage Their Online Reputation
Businesses of all sizes and in all industries have learned a long time ago the importance of maintaining their online reputation. There are many ways they manage their online reputation. Here are some of the most popular ways.

Encouraging Positive Reviews
Many businesses encourage their customers to leave positive reviews if they are happy with the service or product provided. For example, if a customer buys a product from a business, then the business may follow up a few days later to find out whether or not they are happy with their purchase and if they could leave a review if they are. Positive reviews are a great way to improve a brand’s image and increase sales.

Engagement Online
Businesses that have a Facebook page will usually use it to ask for customer feedback or answer any questions their customers or potential customers may have. They sometimes do this for all to see because it gives other people a glimpse into how they handle their customers’ inquiries, questions, concerns and so forth.

Create Positive Videos
Some businesses create positive content in the form of videos. If a business has gotten bad press, then they may create a short video addressing the news and then publishing the video in as many places as possible. They will often ask their followers on social media to share their videos too. The more people who view the video, the better the business will look. Essentially, this can help them with damage control.

Those are a few ways businesses manage their online reputations. If you’re a business, then you too can use those methods or hire a professional online reputation management company.