How Online Reputation Management Has Evolved Over The Last Decade

A decade ago, not many people gave thought about online reputation management companies. This is because the internet was not nearly as popular back then than it is today. However, online reputation management has evolved by a lot. Read on to find out how it has evolved.

First, it has evolved due to the growth of social media. In the old days, many online reputation management companies only had to focus on creating a few blogs and websites for their clients or improve and add content to their clients’ websites. Today, companies need to focus a lot of social media sites, such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to name a few. Some companies take on the task of managing their clients’ social media profiles. Not only that, but reputation management tends to involve the creation of videos and search engine optimization, which can help positive content get found before negative content is found.

Those are only a handful of ways that online reputation management has evolved over the last decade. Today, there is a lot more work involved and companies have to engage with their clients’ customers to an extent, especially on Facebook and other popular social networking sites.